Customer Centric Management

Create your own business community page and start engaging with your customers.  Publish contact information, company news, and ideas.  Link with your company website and social channels.



Idea Exchange

Customers may contribute to discussions around ideas and see them in action.




Customers may review your business and give insight in to positives for your organization and areas of concern.



Wi-Fi Authentication*

Provide a free Wi-Fi solution at your location to attract more loyal customers.



Offers and Promotions*

Publish special offers and have them appear on customers’ personal feed pages.



Business Referrals*

Customers are encouraged to refer business to you with a flexible reward structure for referrers and their friends.

*requires Hobout We Do Business subscription








About us

The Hobout We Do Business platform is an online community for collaborative engagement between businesses and their customers, providing a social commerce platform for exchanging ideas, extending special offers and promotions, managing referrals, and other type of content.

With Hobout We Do Business you may also provide a free Wi-Fi solution at your location to attract more loyal customers and build rich mailing lists.



Businesses want to grow their customer communities to:

  • Stay engaged
  • Manage promotions
  • Share company news
  • Exchange ideas
  • Receive referrals



Start your own community
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